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Your Consultation at London Vision Clinic

Before your consultation you should:

  • Bring a list of all prescribed medication that you are taking so you are able to complete the Personal Information Sheet.
  • Bring along your reading and distance glasses (if worn).
  • Bring along details of your pacemaker or internal heart device, plif you have one fitted.
  • If you are diabetic, please bring insulin with you as we do not have any in the clinic. You should also bring you latest HbA1C blood test result and blood pressure readings.

Please be aware that a nurse will dilate your pupils before your consultation as Prof. Stanga will need to examine your eyes fully dilated. This normally takes between 10-30 minutes and can take longer in patients with dark irises.

The appointment structure will depend on your clinical needs; therefore Prof. Stanga may see you before or after your dilating drops.

You may wish to be accompanied to the consultation.

During your consultation

When you are called into your consultation, please have your list of concise questions ready for Prof. Stanga, in order to make the most of your appointment time. A great detail of information is relayed during your consultation, so you can utilise the Patient Self-Management Booklet provided for any notes you have before or afterwards. Do not worry about making notes during the consultation as all important information will be detailed in a letter following the appointment.

Although we aim to keep to scheduled appointment times, due to the complex nature of cases Prof. Stanga sees, please expect delays and allow for a longer consultation time.

What happens next?

Prof. Stanga will write a letter explaining all the key clinical information added into your Electronic Medical Record, detailing the key issues addressed in a discussion between you both. This will inform your treatment plan.

Your Consultation at London Vision Clinic