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Current patient studies

We regularly have patient studies ongoing within the clinic, if this is something you would like to be considered for please get in touch with us on 020 7009 4400.

Do you have Dry AMD?

The GYROSCOPE Gene Therapy study is a natural history observational program (meaning there is no treatment but just to observe how the AMD changes over time).

The Aim: The study is aimed at identifying potential patients suffering from Dry AMD or Geographic Atrophy (later stages of Dry AMD) that could also be enrolled for gene therapy treatment in the future.

Treatment Information: Gene Therapy is a potential treatment option for patients with a specific type of Geographic Atrophy. The natural history phase is aimed at evaluating the natural progression of the changes to the eye. Patients enrolled into the observational phase may be offered the possibility of entering the Gene Therapy Study treatment if they meet the necessary inclusion criteria and if the patient is willing to proceed to the next stage. Patients will undergo non-invasive testing such as retinal photos over the observational period as well as asked to provide a saliva sample.

There are 7 visits required over a 2 year period for the observational phase. If the patient elects to move forward with treatment an additional 5 years of follow up is required. All travel expenses are reimbursed. You can read find out more about GYROSCOPE here.

Optos Monaco Study

The Aim: Image collection of normal eyes for the development of an EU reference database.

Treatment Information: Routine clinic patients are offered an additional high resolution retinal imaging at the end of their visit.

You can read find out more about Optos here.

Current patient studies